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Honey Aromatherapy

Using Honey In Aromatherapy

Given the mass media reviews of how wonderful honey is for nearly everything, it is perhaps no surprise that a lot of people want to know how to use honey in aromatherapy. As essential oils are more popular in aromatherapy than absolute oils, it is perhaps worth mentioning first that although somewhat similar, honey is an absolute oil and not an aromatherapy essential oil.

The difference between an absolute and essential oil are the method and pureness of extraction and the end product density. An absolute oil is a semi-solid concentrate that is obtained by solvent methods of extraction. The end product still retains some residue from the process. Conversely, essential oils are a pure volatile liquid compound extracted by steam distillation processes.

A reason you won’t find much about honey oil is that honey bees are in very short supply. It is not often mentioned in aromatherapy books, given it is quite rare and therefore very expensive. In contrast to essential oils, honey absolute oil does not blend well and needs to be used in isolation. Even then, if you do have 100% pure honey oil, it needs to be diluted in alcohol and warmed. How to use honey in aromatherapy is to use it in conjunction with other essential oils to produce things such as hair conditioner, hand creams and bath products. As it stands, honey oil can be used successfully by adding a teaspoon to a running bath along with half a cup of milk and your favourite essential oil. This will help the dispersal of the oil in the water and feel more luxurious and leave your skin wonderfully soft. A further use would be to warm it using an essential oil diffuser as this will help you relax more.

I am sure there are many other uses for honey oil, but given the rareness of this product, it is difficult to find them as not many people will buy it to experiment with. How to use honey in aromatherapy is a bit of a usual question, but aromatherapy health itself is something a lot of people are now familiar with. However, not everyone knows quite where to start. There are many essential aromatherapy oils that you can use and many ways in which to use them.