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Baby Aromatherapy Tips

Tips for Baby Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a way of using scent to change the mood or even alleviate some physical ailments. For example, some studies show the scent of green apple may curb headache pain. Other studies have shown that citrus promotes cheerfulness and jasmine may promote worker productivity. There is even baby aromatherapy for parents who want their little one to reap the benefits of aromatherapy as well. Your best bet when shopping for infant products is to stick to trusted brands and companies who have aromatherapy products, especially for babies. You will find no shortage of aromatic baby products, both in stores and online.

For example, one of the biggest names in baby care, Johnson & Johnson, has a soothing lavender product line that is said to calm babies before bed and help them sleep better. The line includes baby wash, baby lotion and oil and more. Aveeno also makes lavender scented baby products and there are now even generic copycats on the market. Lavender is an excellent scent for soothing both babies and adults and is often combined with chamomile for maximum effect. These lavender-scented products are soothing for both parents and babies.

Another company that makes excellent scented products for babies is Burt’s Bees. Once upon a time, this company was catalog order only or Internet order. Today, you can buy Burt’s Bees online and in many common drugstores and supermarkets. Their Baby Beeline of products has a honey apricot scent that is absolutely heavenly. Along with baby wash, shampoo, lotion and oil there is also a dusting powder and diaper ointment. They also make Mama Bee products for the mom who wants the soothing aromatherapy of this scent. Many adults love the fragrance for themselves as well as the baby.

A company you may not have heard of that makes a wide range of baby aromatherapy products is California Baby. The essential oils in these organic products are of the finest quality and guaranteed to be free from pesticides. The ingredients are also sustainably and organically grown for the health of the environment. One example of their products is the Calming Spritzer. All of the California Baby Spritzers are meant to be used on linens, pillows and in the air, and not applied to the baby. However, they do make products like Calendula Bubble Bath and Calendula Cream which are meant for the skin.