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Aromatherapy Spa Treatments

Relaxing Aromatherapy Spa Treatments

Aromatherapy spa treatments are relaxing and come in many formats that are designed for different purposes. Aromatherapy treatment is used to encourage positive changes in mind and body. If there is a day spa or combination spa/salon near you it is likely they have some kind of aromatherapy offers. The most popular kind of spa treatment of this type is the aromatherapy massage. This incorporates both the benefits of aromatherapy and the benefits of massage.

You might also find aromatherapy facials. There are skincare product companies like Decleor who offer aromatherapy products for the face. They are usually carrier oils mixed with essential oils. Even individuals with oily skin can use these oils because some are good for this type of skin. For example, jojoba oil combined with ylang-ylang or tea tree oil helps regulate the production of sebum. An aromatherapy facial may involve some facial massage and the application of aromatic products to the face. There may also be an aromatic diffusion in the air.

Treatment for the feet is also popular at day spas. Often they involve an aromatic element. There are chocolate pedicures, which is known to be a happiness-inducing scent, and of course, pedicures that use tingly peppermint. Mint is used frequently for the feet because it is cooling and soothing. You may also want to look into an aromatherapy reflexology massage which targets certain spots on the feet which correspond to spots on the body.

You can even do your own spa treatments at home. All you need are some essential oils and a good carrier oil like jojoba. You can luxuriate in a lavender bath, give yourself a fragrant massage, try a mint mask or fragrant pedicure. While it is often more luxurious to go to the day spa and have someone else pamper you, it is more cost-efficient to stay home and create your own spa experience.

To make the most of your relaxing aromatherapy treatments, make sure the kids aren’t home, the pets are calm and you have nothing to do. Light some scented candles and take your time, staying in the moment while giving yourself spa treatments. This can also be fun to do with a friend, an at-home spa day. You could even paint your nails after a hand massage, there are actually scented polishes available for a fun way to indulge in aromatherapy.